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It is often very difficult for a woman to resist a very strong sexual on the part of the man she loves, or she is dating, especially in the heat of passion.
A couple may be passionately interested in the physical intimacy to the point of becoming blind to all the rest.

Too often, a woman cannot say no to a man when he wants sex.
It may be that she doesn’t want to hurt his feelings.
She needs to know that she is not obliged to yield to his physical advances and that it is not through lack of love.
If a woman is not ready, she should be able to say politely and firmly no to the sexual advances of her man.

Say no to sexual advances does not necessarily mean that the people involved in a relationship should not have any physical intimacy.
However, they do not have to go to the end to be stimulated sexually.
A woman can simply say: “I love it, but I’m not ready for more. I can’t go any further for the moment. If it considers and respects, then it is worth it. If it does not, and feels annoyed, then he is not worthy of it. This shows that he is not ready to be in a serious relationship, then why go out with him ?
A woman can say yes to different levels or degrees of sexual stimulation without having to go to the end.

There are basically four degrees of sexual intimacy or physical :

First degree : It can be a lot of kisses, hugs, physical closeness, until sleep close to one another.
At the beginning, a couple key unconsciously, and with a gesture only in love, not even sex.
They can spend some time watching while sharing a meal together.
So that they learn to know, the man feels very comfortable to pass his arm around her and hold her hand in private and in public.
In private, they can spend a good time kissing and tighten their bodies passionately, but they deliberately limit any stimulation.

Second degree : The caresses become more supported, they begin to stimulate the areas of their body that give you more sexual pleasure.
The first area is that of the neck and shoulders up, including the arms, hands and feet.
Then comes, the second which is of the size to the top.
Gradually, they will begin to explore and touch.
At the beginning, this exploration is done with clothing, with fewer clothes and without anything.

Third degree : This base is the stimulation of the complete genitals to the exclusion of sexual intercourse.
It includes the touching, the caressing and mutual stimulation On all parts of the body.
Although sexual intercourse may not be involved at this stage, they end up both by fun of this new intimacy.

Fourth degree : this is the sexual relationship.

With this new understanding of the four degree, a couple will be released from the patterns past and will be free to create the relationship they want.
Thus, a woman can communicate accurately and precisely with a man to the point where she is ready to go.

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